3️⃣Checklist Walk-in Clients

If you are a customs broker or a forwarding company and you have many walk-in clients (non-recurring clients) you have potential to automate their customs cases with Digicust. Our clients usually achieve 70%-90% automation with walk-in clients. Follow the following checklist to achieve automation:

  1. Go to settings/execution strategy and click "Add Execution Strategy". The execution strategy specifies how a customs case is being processed. Create one execution strategy per procedure. For example, call the new execution strategy "Walk-in import"

  2. Now, to configure the execution strategy, consider the following:

    1. Automated translation (e.g. to German) and using tariff number as goods description (improved)

    2. If export procedure and you have the appropriate assurance from your clients, you can make Digicust automatically add negative type codes (Y-codes). For that, activate the feature "Automatically add negative codings"

    3. Set up the connection to your customs software.

    4. Stick as much as possible to the default settings.

Congrats! You have set up automation for walk-in clients. You can upload new customs cases to the newly created execution strategy.

Some tips for even more automation:

  • Communicate clearly with your clients which information you need. Information that is typically not in uploaded documents (e.g. license plates or customs offices) can be sent via email).

  • In the execution strategy, you can create an embeddable upload form that you can either embed in your website or just share the link with your clients. Submitted cases through that form automatically appear in your Digicust account.

  • It is normal if the first iteration is not yet perfect. Upload cases, examine what went wrong and try to adjust the execution strategy. Then try again and iterate.

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