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Digicust is a customs clearance automation platform that utilizes a project-based structure to manage data and access control. This structure is particularly useful for organizations collaborating with external clients, as it simplifies the organization and compartmentalization of sensitive information.

Each project within the Digicust platform acts as a separate entity with its own settings, master data, and customs cases. This enables users to efficiently manage multiple customs clearance processes in a secure and organized manner.

The main components of Digicust's project-based system are:

  1. Customs Cases: Each project maintains a distinct set of customs cases, which includes all necessary documentation and data for a particular customs clearance process. This centralization of cases within projects allows users to manage clearance processes more effectively.

  2. Settings: Settings specific to each project provide users with options to configure various aspects of the customs clearance process, such as notifications, rule management, and integration with external applications. These settings contribute to an adaptable and efficient user experience. See Configure Execution Strategies

  3. Access Control: Access permissions can be assigned to team members and external collaborators on a per-project basis. This ensures that sensitive information is safeguarded and only accessible to those with the appropriate clearance, promoting a secure environment for data management.

  4. Master Data: Projects store their own master data, such as product classification codes, country-specific regulations, and client details. This facilitates accurate and efficient customs clearance processing, as all necessary information is readily available within each project. See Master Data

  5. Collaboration: The project-based structure fosters smooth collaboration between both internal and external stakeholders. Users can share updates, monitor progress, and communicate with team members and clients within the context of a specific project, which streamlines communication and coordination.

In essence, Digicust's project-based system offers a practical and versatile solution for managing customs clearance processes. By separating data and access on a per-project basis, the platform creates a secure and efficient environment for organizations to work with external clients, optimize workflows, and ensure compliance with ever-evolving customs regulations.

How to add a new project?

Adding new projects to your organization is easy.

  1. Hover over your currently active project on the left menu bar.

  2. Choose "New Project"

  3. Assign a project name and click OK

  4. You will land in a fresh, empty workspace to start from

  5. You can switch between your projects by hovering over your active project and selecting the project you want to switch to.

How to add people to my new project?

Access is not shared throughout projects. To add your colleagues to a new project, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click "Invite Colleagues" in the left menu bar.

  2. Click "Create New Code".

  3. Copy the link and share with your colleagues, e.g. via email or chat.

  4. Your colleagues simply use this link to sign in to the Digicust app and receive access to the new project.

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