From Invoices, Emails, Export Declarations

Digicust continues to innovate in the realm of customs clearance, now focusing on the automation of Transit (NCTS) declarations. Leveraging their product Dexter IDP, Digicust simplifies and automates the process of creating NCTS declarations using invoices, emails, and export declarations. This article delves into the technical processes involved in this use case.

The Workflow

To better understand the power of Dexter IDP, let's walk through the steps involved in automating NCTS declarations.

  1. Receipt of Documents: Similar to the import declaration process, a declarant forwards necessary PDF documents such as invoices, and export declarations to the Digicust platform via email. The additional information can be provided in the body of the email or as text documents.

  2. Intelligent Document Processing (IDP): Dexter IDP then processes these documents. It scans, reads, and interprets the data in these documents, mimicking the human cognitive abilities to understand context. It extracts critical data such as product details, quantities, prices, and other relevant information for the transit declaration.

  3. Data Integration: In addition to the data extracted from the provided documents, Dexter IDP can also integrate data from previously filed export declarations. This feature reduces data redundancy and ensures all relevant data is available for the transit declaration.

  4. Creation of Transit Declaration: Once all necessary data has been processed, Digicust creates the transit declaration. Their no-code automation platform allows for custom rules to be implemented, enabling flexibility and customizability based on each client's unique requirements.

  5. Delivery: Once the transit declaration has been completed, it is forwarded to the client's end system. This ensures smooth data transfer and makes for a streamlined business operation.


Through the automation of Transit (NCTS) declarations, Digicust further solidifies its position as a pioneer in digitizing customs clearance. Dexter IDP's intelligent document processing capabilities, paired with the platform's ability to create custom rules and integrate data from various sources, ensures that the transit declaration process is efficient, accurate, and error-free.

With Digicust, the challenges often associated with manual transit declaration, such as human error and time inefficiencies, are things of the past. The power of automation brings not only streamlined operations but also improved accuracy and compliance, crucial in the complex world of customs clearance.

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