Digicust integrates natively with Mic-Cust's LDV, primarily for Austrian customs. Just upload customs cases to Digicust. Digicust processes the case and sends the filled out customs declaration to your LDV system.

Many of our clients use Digicust as a black box and just check warning messages within LDV before submitting the automatically created customs declaration to the authorities.

The LDV interface needs to be set up by LDV before getting started. If you are not using the interface already, ask your contact person at LDV or office@ldv.at.


  1. The setup is easy. Navigate to your execution strategy settings and select "Submission".

  2. Customs cases are sent to LDV using SFTP protocol. Ask LDV for your SFTP credentials. Then input the following:


DNS Name

The domain or IP of the SFTP server



Port of the SFTP server


Login name

The SFTP username



The SFTP password



The SFTP inbound path where to Digicust sends the interface files to


  1. Save the execution strategy. Upload customs cases to said execution strategy and wait for cases to arrive in LDV.

  2. The case should be filled-out and ready to hand in if Digicust has all information necessary. If not, try Configure Execution Strategies or set up Rules & Templates.

Happy automating with Digicust and LDV!


If the Dakosy interface is not working as expected, do the following:

  1. Use an SFTP client like https://www.filestash.app/sftp-client.html to check whether Digicust's interface files are arriving at the server correctly. If not, check the credentials and try again.

  2. LDV usually checks the SFTP folder for updates every X minutes. For starters, they usually put an interval of 30 minutes. You can ask LDV to put the time down to 2-5 minutes to get cases nearly instantly into your LDV system.

  3. The Digicust - LDV interface is well-tested and in production with many clients. However, in rare occasions it might happen that interface errors occur. Kindly forward any errors to support@digicust.com. We are happy to help!

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