🔎Getting started

Step 1: Create your account

Navigate to app.digicust.com and sign up with your email or social account. You will be prompted to fill out basic information about your company that we need in order to automate customs clearance for you.

Step 2: Configure your first execution strategy

Execution strategies define how customs cases are being processed. We understand that our clients' needs vary and Dexter is designed to be flexible in the way you can integrate it.

Navigate to "Settings" and click "My Strategy". You will end up in the configuration page of your execution strategy:

We did the basic configurations for you. You can come back at any later point. For now, click save.

Step 3: Upload your first customs case

Navigate to Customs Cases and hit "Create New". Now, set a reference to find your case again later, choose the newly created execution strategty and choose your first customs document you want to process. That might be an invoice, waybill, delivery note, packing list or any other relevant customs document - or even multiple customs documents in one single PDF file. Then, hit "Upload"!

Your case is now being processed. Depending on your plan and the size of the documents, this can take around 15 minutes. Outside our business hours, cases might be processed the next morning only.

Step 4: Your first case is processed

Congrats! You have processed your first customs case. To increase the automation degree, configure your execution strategy and/or upload master data.

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