Digicust integrates with Asycuda. Just upload customs cases to Digicust. Digicust processes the case and sends you the XML files with the customs case data you can upload to Asycuda.

Currently supported: Asycuda World Kosovo.


  1. The setup is easy. Navigate to your execution strategy settings and select "Events".

  1. Create a new event to send an email after case processing. Choose the email address you want to receive the Asycuda XML files to.

  2. Check "Attach case information", select XML format, select "Remove empty tags", put file name mapping to reference and add the Asycuda mapping. Ask for the current Asycuda mapping.

  3. Save the execution strategy. Upload customs cases to said execution strategy and wait for cases to arrive in your email inbox.

  4. Upload the case to Asycuda. For that purpose, in Asycuda, select New "Detailed Customs Declaration" and click on the import symbol. Locate the XML file and upload. Asycuda should automatically be populated with the customs case data.

  5. The case should be filled-out and ready to hand in if Digicust has all information necessary. If not, try Configure Execution Strategies or set up Rules & Templates.

Happy automating with Digicust and Asycuda!

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