2️⃣Checklist Recurring Client

If you are a customs broker or forwarding company with recurring clients and recurring cases, you can follow the following checklist to configure Digicust:

  1. Does the customer have material master data? Upload them for example as XLSX in our material master data module. Digicust automatically matches and uses them in automated declarations. See Upload Master Data

  2. Create the client in our Stakeholder master data module. Here you can set up basic information such as their name, address, VAT and EORI number.

  3. Create a new execution strategy. Go to settings/execution strategies and click "Add Execution Strategy". For example, call it "Test GmbH Import". Then go ahead and set up the settings as you need them. Make sure to also set up the connection to your customs software.

  4. In the execution strategy settings, go to Rules and click "Add Rule". Do not specify any conditions. Select "overwrite and merge" and set up basic case information, that applies to every customs case with this client. For example:

    1. Direct or indirect representation

    2. Customs offices

    3. Means of transportation (for example, if this client always uses truck)

    4. Declarant (select the one we previously set up in the Stakeholder master data module)

    5. Declarant representative (probably your company)

Congrats! You have set up automation for a new recurring client. You can upload new customs cases to the newly created execution strategy.

Some tips for even more automation:

  • Clarify which documents are actually needed for automating the customs case. Sometimes all information necessary is on the invoice in which case you can ignore packing lists, delivery notes, etc.

  • Share the @with.digicust.com email address with your client. Your client can send their customs cases directly to your Digicust account for automation.

  • Upload a customs case and check the results. If something is not yet correct, try changing some execution strategy settings or contact support@digicust.com. Chances are, we can finetune automation towards your needs.

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