Dexter's data extraction feature also includes the ability to extract data from emails, making it even easier for customs brokers and other businesses to streamline their customs declaration process. With this feature, businesses can simply forward emails containing customs documents and additional information to Dexter, and the software will extract relevant customs information such as freight costs, customs offices, and ATB numbers directly from the email body and attachments.

This feature is powered by the latest natural language processing technologies, which enable Dexter to understand the text contained within the email body and accurately extract the relevant data points. With this technology, Dexter can even extract data from unstructured text, such as email signatures or footers, and accurately capture critical information.

Email extraction works in ANY language!



SUBJECT: New customs case

Hello all,

Attached is a new ATB for the above shipment for Acme Corp.

ATB1505871701206748510024 Your shipment data:

Quantity: 1 Type: - Weight: 388.500 [kg] Further documents from Acme Corp will follow. Ocean freight: 200 USD DV1 = 278.25 EUR

Please let us know once the shipment has been cleared by customs.

Thank you! Best regards

By automating the data extraction process for emails, Dexter enables businesses to save time and resources while ensuring the accuracy and completeness of extracted data. With this feature, businesses no longer need to manually sort through emails and extract relevant information, freeing up valuable time for more value-adding tasks.

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