🪄AI-Generated Goods Descriptions

Often, goods descriptions on invoices, packing lists, delivery notes etc. are incorrect or simply insufficient for the customs authorities. To that end, our system can automatically generate correct goods descriptions for you.

Use tariff number as goods description

An extracted tariff number can be used to extend goods descriptions. For example, in Germany we use the EZT tariff number description or a shorter, more precise version of it, in combination with the (shortened) description we find on an invoice, to generate a correct goods description.

Automatic translation

Digicust can automatically translate goods description it finds on your documents into your preferred language so that customs authorities accept them without manual modification. Digicust can automatically translate into >100 different language with high contextual accuracy.

Custom goods descriptions

Every organization works slightly differently. You can adapt Digicust to your individual requirements. You can customize the goods description to be automatically structured the way you define it.

Goods descriptions from master data

In addition, you can set goods descriptions per material or tariff number in the master data. This description will then be used as soon as we find a relevant material on processed documents.

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